What is Gowalla?

Gowalla is a new way to keep up with your friends in the real world.

How much does it cost?

We created Gowalla to be a free service to use with your friends. Users who want access to premium features and our beta app can join Street Team and help us grow Gowalla as a sustainable product.

Who makes Gowalla?

Gowalla is made by a small team of designers, artists, and engineers excited to create products that connect friends in the real world. Currently our team represents eight cities, four time zones, and two continents.

Why did you make Gowalla?

We love experiencing and exploring the real world with our friends. Too many apps reward their users for endless scrolling, and we wanted to make an app that rewards you for getting out in the mix, in the real world, and for encouraging your friends to do the same.

When will Gowalla be available for Android?

We have not begun work on an Android app and do not currently have a release date.

Is Gowalla private?

Gowalla cares deeply about your privacy. Your account and location information is used only to run the app and to connect you with your friends. We do not share or sell your personal information with third parties, except as required by law or with internal service providers. You can learn more in our privacy policy.


How do I sign up?

Head over to https://gowalla.app which will send you to the App Store where you can install the app. Once you have the app installed you'll go through an onboarding flow and sign up with either your phone number or using connecting with Apple.

How do I add friends?

Tap the Add Friends button on the Map view. You can add more friends in three ways:

  • Your phone contacts

  • Your friends of friends

  • By searching for a username

Who should I add as friends?

Gowalla rewards real world connections. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to only add people as friends that you are comfortable meeting in the real world.

Why do I need a phone number and contacts?

Gowalla works best with friends you know IRL. Your phone number is used to help find your friends on Gowalla. Your phone number and contacts are never shared with other users.

What is location access used for?

We use your location to help you connect with friends in real life and to show you places to go nearby. We want you to feel confident and safe with how your location is used and we make it easy to control who can see where you are and the places you’ve visited. We never share your location with third parties or sell it to advertisers.

Places & Location

What is a check-in?

A check-in shows your friends when and where you were on the map.

Who can see where I have checked in?

By default, only your friends can see where you have checked in. Check-ins are visible by your friends on the map for a limited time. Friends can also see that you have checked in at a place by viewing that place or by viewing your profile.

Can the public see where I've checked in?

Check-ins are not visible to the general public, however Gowalla uses anonymous, aggregate check-in counts to help others know how popular a place is.

How can I delete a check-in?

Open your Profile in the Gowalla app then tap Check-ins. Scroll to or search for the Place where you would like to delete your check-in. Tap the specific check-in you would like to delete then confirm.

What is a fave?

You can add any place to your faves by tapping on the Place then tapping the Fave ❤️ icon. Adding faves helps Gowalla make the map better for you and your friends.

Who can see my faves?

Only your friends can see your faves, however Gowalla uses anonymous, aggregate fave counts to make the map better for everyone.

I can’t find the Place I want to check in. How can I add it to the map?

Gowalla makes it easy to add new Places to the map. Tap the Add Place icon on the Map view and move the map marker to the correct location. Tap Add then choose a recommended activity (no need to overthink this). Give the Place a name, confirm the address, then save. You can also add a category and social media links to help others know what to expect at this place.

Remember, any place you add to the map can be seen by ALL users.

What types of places should I add to the map?

The Gowalla map is intended for public places that you would visit IRL or share with friends. Places like restaurants, parks, and shops are perfect for Gowalla. You should not add private or personal places like your home or friends’ homes to the map.

Someone added my home to Gowalla. How do I take it off the map?

Tap the marker on the map for the Place you want to remove. Then tap the More icon (…) to file a report. These reports are very important to us. You can also reach out to our team directly at [email protected]

What is Presence?

Gowalla makes it easy to privately share your up-to-date status and location with specific friends using Presence. This feature is in development and only available to a limited number of users.

Street Team

What is Street Team

Street Team is Gowalla’s membership community for people who love their cities and want to make it easier and more fun to experience the real world.

Why should I join Street Team?

Street Team members receive early access to Gowalla’s apps and beta features. They’re also granted access to Gowalla’s exclusive community Discord. Early Bird members may also receive limited edition Gowalla merchandise.

How can I join Street Team?

You can join Street Team today by purchasing a membership on this website. You’ll receive access to the Gowalla beta and Discord community within one business day of your purchase. In the future you will also be able to purchase a Street Team membership via in-app purchase using the App Store.


I can’t find my friends. Help?!

If you’re having trouble finding friends your contacts may not be synced. Visit Settings app on your phone then select Gowalla and Enable Contacts.

How do I remove a friend?

Go to your Profile and tap Friends. Tap the Friend label next to the person you wish to remove, then tap Remove Friend.

How do I sign out?

Go to your Profile and tap Settings ⚙️, then tap Sign Out.

I can’t seem to sign into my Gowalla account. How do I fix this?

You can create a Gowalla account using your phone number, or by connecting with Apple. Be sure to sign in using the method you created your account with. If you previously signed up with your email address you can still sign in with it. If you are still having trouble accessing your account, please email [email protected] with your existing username.